Could the BMW i3 Change the Electric Car Field?

BMW i3 Change the Electric Car FieldBMW is looking to compete with Tesla and other companies that are making electric cars with its own model. The BMW i3 is expected to be a real competitor based on not only its ability to handle electric power but also for how the car can really move down the road.

How Far Can It Move?

The BMW i3 has a battery that will go about 81 miles before it has to be recharged. This is equal to having close to 124 mpg on the road. In fact, this has been ruled by the EPA to be the most fuel efficient vehicle around thanks to how its engine to able to move around with so little effort.

What About Charging?

The process of charging the vehicle is not all that hard to do. Any type of wall socket can be used to charge up the vehicle. In fact, BMW makes the I Wallbox to come with the vehicle. This can be installed in one's home and will work as an ideal space for charging the vehicle.

A Faster Speed

It can take about seven seconds for the car to go from 0 to 60 mph. The 250 Nm of torque will be available for use right from the start when getting the vehicle up and running. What makes this all the more impressive is that the car is practically silent when it does this. The electric motor is much quieter than the traditional gas motor that one might typically use.

Less Energy Is Used

The energy used inside the vehicle is much less than what one might get out of a typically vehicle. This makes it easier to maintain while also keeping the battery from wearing out. LEDs are used for lighting purposes while the E-drive feature will take energy from the wheels as they move and put it back into the battery. This will create torque that may be used when braking, thus allowing the vehicle to slow down without too much effort coming out of doing so. It makes for a more energy-efficient vehicle as the battery will not drain quickly due to the use of various features on the inside of the car.

A Light Weight

One problem with many electric cars is that they tend to be rather heavy and can take a while to move. The BMW i3 is much smaller than other models in that it is only about 2,600 pounds in weight. This is rather light when compared with the Tesla Model S, a car that is about 4,600 pounds heavy. This light weight could really be a game-changer considering how it makes it easier for the vehicle to operate without using too much force.

The BMW i3 could really work towards competing quite well in the electric car industry. This vehicle has plenty of fine features that make it different and unique while also standing out when it moves. It is no surprise that a car company as popular as BMW would get into this field and it is doing so by going after quite a bit of power and energy support in its vehicle.

How Do Drowsy Driver Warnings Work?

Drowsy Driver WarningsFatigue can be difficult to anyone who is going to drive for a while. Fatigue can cause anyone to become tired and inattentive. This could really cause someone to get into a dangerous situation on the road. However, there is one interesting feature that is being made available in a variety of vehicles.

The drowsy driver detection system is unique when it comes to all the different types of safety features one has to work with. This is being used on all sorts of vehicles. Ford has its Driver Alert program, Volkswagen has the Fatigue Detection System and Mercedes-Benz has the Attention Assist feature. The odds are that more companies are going to star offering this feature on their cars.

These warnings are very interesting for all car drivers to see. However, this does not necessarily mean that they are always going to work. As fascinating of a technology as it can be, it is not something that is totally perfect just yet.

How Does It Work?

The drowsy driver warning system works through the use of a monitor. This may come from a camera that uses facial recognition software. This software will analyze cases of unusual behavior. In many cases this might include times when someone appears to be nodding off or when the driver is trying to keep one's eyes open for as long as possible. If a person appears to be moving too much then it might create an alarm.

If the system identifies questionable behaviors then the driver may end up being alerted. This often comes with a beep and with an icon on the dash. This will suggest that the driver pulls over and gets help to stay awake or to have someone else take the wheel. This is done to keep the driver from being at risk of being harmed while driving.

Can It Work?

This can be an appealing feature but it is not always going to be useful. The fact is that the software that is used in this type of program may not always be fully functional. That is, the program might end up being lacking in terms of responding to different things that the driver is doing.

Sometimes the alarm might end up being false. This can include cases where a person who looks normal might be interpreted by the camera as someone who is drowsy even if that is not the case. As a result, this could cause the signal to be up and running for the entire trip.

Drowsy driver warnings are important for all to think about. If a person is drowsy while driving then that person may be at real risk of being in a wreck. The warnings that many new cars are using can help drivers but it is important to watch for how they might be useful. There is no guarantee that such a system might be fully functional every single time one needs it. It is still an appealing feature that should potentially get better as more work goes into making it as effective as it could be.

Interesting Car Design Innovations for 2015

RackMultipart20130131-8810-txgbbk_wideThe basic idea of a car as a vehicle with four wheels, an engine, and some seats is something that has remained unchanged for more than 100 years. There have been some attempts at making three wheeled or six-wheeled cars, or making cars smaller or more energy efficient, but in general most car innovations come in the form of making the vehicles look nicer, or providing extra comforts for the rider.

One popular innovation for parents is the idea of mounting iPads in the rear of the front seats, so that passengers in the back can use them as screens to watch videos, or even to play games. This is a great way to entertain kids. For example, they may play Neopets on a long journey, and then when they want more neopoints you can send them to a website where there are neopoints for sale to keep them entertained. You can find neopoints for sale at Shop Neopia. View it now if you want to see if it is something that will appeal to your kids.

Google is working on self-driving cars, and has even tested them in some areas. The idea is that a self-driving car could be used not just to enhance the data gathering for Google maps, but also for other purposes. Imagine how much better the quality of life for a blind or paralyzed person would be if they could travel using a self-driving car instead of having to wait for someone else to drive them to places. Imagine how much safer people would be if there were self-driving taxis. There would be no more worrying about whether the taxi driver was legitimate or not, and taxi drivers themselves could give over the typically dangerous Friday night club routes to the self-driving cars, and man routes that depend on the human touch - such as tour guides, airports and quieter local areas. There will always be some people who prefer dealing with a human being.
Fuel efficiency is a big deal, and while it doesn't sound glamorous to say that a company has squeezed a few more miles to the gallon out of their latest design, Porsche has managed to make a car that can do 700 miles on a single tank. Being able to go that long between fill-ups is a boon for any busy commuter, and people that live in remote areas who don't get to top up as often as they would like. If you're not quite ready to go electric because there are no charging stations in your area, then going for a super fuel-efficient petrol car is the next best thing.

Next time you're shopping for a car, take the time to look at all of the features that are on offer. You'll be amazed at how exciting the world of automobiles has become, and you could find that a car you'd never normally consider has the ultimate killer app for your motoring needs.

Promote Your Vehicle Design Ideas By Purhcasing Cheap Twitter Followers

vehicle designVehicle designing takes a bit of creativity on the part of the designer. Many people who are new to the field are intimidated by the process. Today, there are many innovations in the motor designing industry. The latest vehicle designing software has made it possible even for the complete newbie to learn the creative art of vehicle designing. If you are having a dilemma on where to start, this is the perfect time to set your worries aside. Here are some of the latest software used for automotive designing. Some of them are completely free while the others are paid tools.

AutoCAD Revit LT Suite - This is a premium car designing software which will cost $1,300. If you rent the software, it will cost $75 a month. The software offers 3D designing tools. The latest version of the software is much more simplified than the previous version. The support for beginners is outstanding when compared to other software programs.

3Ds Max - This software is brought to you by AutoDesk. If can buy it for $3,675 or rent the software for $195 per month. The program features sophisticated and realistic 3D simulations for better designing of the vehicle. There are online training materials for complete beginners.

car designGoogle SketchUp - This is a free software offered by Google for you to create different 3D automotive designs. The tool is simple to handle even by a complete newbie. You can create outstanding car structures by using this software. Your project can be saved in many formats such as JPG, TIFF, PNG and BMB. There are unlimited learner resources for complete newbies. The projects that you save can be shared with your colleagues via Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook.

Adobe Photoshop - You may find it amusing to hear that Adobe Photoshop can be used to design vehicles. Newbie 3D car designers can learn a lot of things by using this software. The software costs less than $700, but comes with a lot of tool sets for 3D modeling and image editing. There are unlimited resources online about this software. There are step-by-step tutorials to teach newbies to design a car using Adobe Photoshop.

Blender - This is an open source 3D car designing software. It has received excellent ratings from students as well as developers. There are tons of tool sets, options as well as design functions to cater to all your car designing requirements. You are able to download even extra features as you go long. Unlimited support is available in using the software effectively.

Once you have designed your first car project, you can save the project on your desktop. The project can be shared with your superiors or colleagues using popular social media outlets. Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are some of the popular social media sites in this regard. Make your Twitter account popular by purchasing cheap Twitter Followers from trusted online e-commerce sites. Get more information from the following link on how to buy cheap Twitter followers.

The Different Types Of Body Armor And What you Need To Know About Them

Body armor has proved to be an important safety tool over the years. Since its inception, it has been deployed by various armies to protect soldiers. Some police departments have used it to protect their officers. Overall, body armor has seen tremendous growth in its usage over the years within government security agencies.

Body armors have also been deployed by private security agencies for private protection. There are many threats to our personal life, especially in instances where a person is a public figure or a person of interest. It is quit impossible to fully satisfy everyone aspirations and thoughts on issues as you interact with people. You are bound to make enemies no matter what line of work you are in especially if you are an executive. Some of these enemies my out to harm you and body armor is well suited to protect you.

Types Of Body Armor


There are different types of body armors which are used to protect against different kinds of threats. The threats in this case include gunfire, spiking by knife, shrapnel from grenade and many more. Generally, the body armor deployed to protect against gunfire are classified as Type I, Type II-A, Type II, Type III-A, Type III and Type IV. Each category has its own capabilities and offer protection against gunfire up to a certain level.

Type I body armor vests protect against gunfire up a maximum velocity of 320 m/s. They are generally light and offer the least protection against gunfire. Type II-A ups the protection a little bit. The maximum velocity which this type of body armor offers is gunfire moving up to the velocity of 332 m/s. This is popularly used by police departments. Type II body armor takes the protection capability a notch higher. These kinds of armor protect against projectile impacting up to a maximum velocity of 358 m/s. It can protect you against 357 Magnum and 9mm gunshots. Type III-A improves the protection further. You are protected against gunfire impacting at a velocity of 427 m/s and below. This is the highest level of protection that can be integrated into concealable wearables like jackets and suits.

This is followed by Type III, which protects against gunfire impacting up to 838 m/s. It offers protection against rifles and is used predominantly in tactical situations by security agencies. The same case applies for Type IV. This is the highest protection you can get. Using it, you can protect yourself against gunfire impacting up to a maximum velocity of 869 m/s. These kinds of armors are preserved to be used by the army.

At Israeli-weapons, we provide the best body armor you can find on the market. The amount of body armor products to choose from is second to none. There are concealable body armor vest (in jeans jacket and suits), helmet armor, external body armor, bullet proof vest with pockets and gun holsters for right handed people as well as holsters for left handed people. The vests also come in a variety of colors; you can find any color for any environment camouflage-blue, green, patterns, black and gray.

Tips On How to Buy Followers On Instagram

insightful-guy-texting_large-david-wygant-300x200The usage of the social media to promote brands has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the recent years. The increased usage of the social media as a marketing and advertising tool can be accredited to the increased number of active users. A quintessential example would be Instagram. Different brands have gotten wise to the fact that there have been an increased number of active users in this versatile photo sharing website, and it could be profitable to try and get more followers on Instagram. Getting more followers means getting a wider audience, and this only culminates to the cul-de-sac of the brand being recognized far and wide. However, wooing followers on Instagram can be a daunting task. The time and energy invested in getting people to follow brands have proved to be a hard gum to chew for many. Nonetheless, there is a way out if you are at your wits end on how to get more followers on Instagram. You can simply buy them! Buying followers on Instagram not only saves you money (that would have been used on other marketing and advertising avenues) but also time. Below are some tips on buying followers on Instagram from sites that offer selling of Instagram followers;


Sites that are selling Instagram followers have become a dime and a dozen. To avoid being losing your money to unscrupulous sites, purchase followers in Instagram from reputable sites. Buy followers on instagram from speaking of would be a wise move because they have remained steadfast in their professionalism. Such a site ensures that customers get the best from this site, and they even go to lengths of refunding money in the event a client is unhappy with how the whole buying transaction transpired.

Real Instagram Followers

It has been noted that there are some sites that sell fake Instagram followers. Such followers never like nor comment on the updates that you will be posting on Instagram. It would be futile to buy fake Instagram followers. Consequently, you should ensure that the followers you buy in Instagram are real and active on the site. This will not only give you value for your money but also help in marketing your brand on Instagram. You can email the potential site that will be selling followers to you and enquire about the nature of the followers they will selling to you; ask them how long it will take them to deliver the followers and when you start to see the results.

Mode of Payments

Different sites accept different modes of payments when selling Instagram followers. Some will accept PayPal while others will only accept certain credit cards. However, as a rule of thumb, always make sure that the site you are transact ting with has a stalwart payment processing system that is satisfactorily secure. Transacting with an unscrupulous site can be dangerous especially when it comes to the payment options as they can swindle your cash once you enter your credit card details in their payment processing system.

Power Outlets Are Becoming Big In Cars

power outlet in carIt used to be that many cars would use traditional cigarette-lighting materials. These are items that would work by creating a heat source that can help to light up a cigarette. However, these old electric items are being replaced with electric power outlets instead.

These outlets are being used to help create a source of electricity in the vehicle. It will work with a few points in mind.

1. First, the outlet has to be connected with the car's battery.
2. The outlet must then have a proper material added to it. Sometimes it can be an adapter that links to a certain outlet while in other cases it might entail the use of a USB port. This depends on the type of outlet that is used and the port that can be utilized.
3. The material can then power up as the engine is on; this step may not be required in every instance.
4. The device that is plugged into the outlet should now be ready for use for whatever it is one requires out of it.

gaming in carThis is a great thing that can be done for all sorts of specific needs:

• It can help to link up a GPS device to a dashboard. GPS devices tend to use quite a bit of battery power. Having a device hooked to a power outlet will help to keep the device from being too hard to use while keeping the energy in a spot from being a real threat.
• It can also work with a phone. It may link the phone to a radio outlet or other spot to help facilitate hands-free calling. Sometimes this might not be required with Bluetooth technology being so prevalent but the outlet can at least help to power up the phone and keep it from losing too much power on its battery.
• This can also get a tablet or smartphone that has online access to link to a power source. This might even work with the Wi-Fi connections that are being built into some of today's newer cars. It's clear that playing with Neopets on a device can drain its battery. Planning to buy Neopoints and check them out as needed can take even more battery power. Keeping the device linked to a proper power source can at least keep this battery usage from being more of a hassle than needed.

These can all work with different interfaces. Sometimes a standard circular interface can work with a good adapter but some other vehicles will use USB ports. Others might even stick with very specific types of ports that are for particular objects of use. The iPod dock has become a rather prevalent example of this. Anything that can link to a vehicle can still work provided that the connection is set up the right way.

Power outlets can really be great to have in any car. Power outlets can do quite a bit with regards to getting any kind of material up and running in a car while also allowing for more things to be done in any space.

What To Do When Buying a GPS For the Car

Buying a GPS For the CarA GPS device can be ideal for use in your car. Many cars are using different GPS units that are built into their bodies and will help you out with getting from one point to the next no matter where you have to go. However, this does not mean that every single GPS unit out there is going to be worthwhile.

If you are going to buy a GPS unit for your car then you will have to be aware of what you're buying. There are many models out there and you will have to be aware of what you might need when finding a model that fits in well for your goals.

What Updates Are There?

You should see if a GPS unit can come with updates. That is, it should be a unit that can be updated through a wireless online connection. You might also link it up to a computer to download software in some cases. Either way, if you can get free updates then you can ensure that the maps you will have on your unit will always be active.

What About Real Time Information?

You might need to see if there's real time information available with regards to traffic reports and alerts. This can be made possible through a model that has access to different wireless online networks. Real time information can help you find out what routes you should avoid due to serious traffic issues and other commonplace problems that you might find on the road. You'll notice from this site that there are many great ways how GPS systems can work for the goals you've got.

Can You Control It?

The control features that come with GPS models will vary based on what you buy. You might find that some models are designed with easy to manage touchscreen systems while others may have buttons. Either way, you have to compare what is open so you can find a model that you know you can actually control without any problems. If you can find a voice-activated or controlled model then you might have a much easier time using it while keeping your hands on the steering wheel.

Consider Destinations

Many units can help you to find gas stations, hotels, restaurants and other points of interest. This is provided that it has a link to a map that has information on all of these places. Take a look at how detailed the map on such a GPS can be when buying one. If it has information on everything you can use in such a unit then you can really benefit from what is listed on it.

If you are able to find a good GPS unit for your car then you might find it easier for you to get to your destination regardless of where it might be. Make sure when buying such a unit that you are aware of how it works and what it will come with so you will be properly prepared the next time you hit the road. It could mean the difference between getting to your destination and being lost.

Wi-Fi Is Becoming Popular In New Cars

car wifiWi-Fi is typically associated with home and business locations. That is, people often assume that Wi-Fi connections are set up with a bunch of hardware materials in one spot in a home or business.

However, the definition of Wi-Fi is changing thanks in part to the use of Wi-Fi in cars. People can get access to Wi-Fi signals in their vehicles without having to worry about any extra adapters or having to use any particular data networks that might cost extra money to use.

These Wi-Fi units are designed with a few sensible point in mind:

• A router and modem will be installed into a secure space in the vehicle. This will typically be located in the trunk of the car. It cannot be in the front of the car as it might overheat due to the engine activities.
• The wiring system will then link over into the dashboard to create a range that will cover the entire body of the car.
• The Wi-Fi signal will work when the vehicle is active. That is, the battery has to be turned on. The car should be in ignition but the engine does not have to be running for the Wi-Fi signals to be read.

This technology makes it so online signal will be available anywhere one goes while driving. This is a feature that is becoming rather popular in new cars thanks to the need for people to be online at all times.

laptop in carJust imagine, anyone could be buying Neopoints and doing other stuff relating to buying Neopoints while on the road. This can all be possible as long as a person has a tablet or smartphone with Wi-Fi access. The ability to get consistent signals within a car will really be to one's advantage as it can make online usage an easier possibility.

However, there are some concerns that might come with the Wi-Fi signals that are being used in any case:

• Whether or not this technology will be adopted by many car companies is unclear. General Motors has stated that it will offer Wi-Fi on many of its new cars.
• There could be limits as to where the Wi-Fi can go. A typical Wi-Fi receiver may only receive signals from a certain data service provider like AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon.
• Not all Wi-Fi solutions may be free. Some companies may ask people to spend money to get access to Wi-Fi signals. For instance, a person might have to spend $10 a month to get up to 200 megabytes of data on the AT&T network when dealing with signals in a GM car.

The use of Wi-Fi in cars is a real development worth checking out in the future. This could really impact the way how vehicles are managed in the future thanks to the unique circumstances that may come with this appealing feature. Whether or not it will be adopted by more companies in the future is unclear but it is something that could really be fascinating for all to explore and have in general.

Finding the Right Car Dealer Is Important

cars-automobileAs useful as it can be to learn about all kinds of new cars out there, it is especially important to think about how different car dealers can be. Many car dealers will offer different types of cars but they can also vary in terms of what they have to offer. While you might think that the price of a car from a certain dealer is going to be the most important thing to think about, you have to watch for several different aspects that you need to see before you settle on a particular car dealer for your transaction.

What Is the Showroom Like?

The showroom for a car dealer should be one that is comfortable and conducive to the buying experience. It can show off a sense of care for the cars in general. If a place has a good showroom that is easy to get into and relaxing for your use then you will be more likely to trust in the dealer.

In fact, a good showroom will be one where the cars are protected. That is, the cars are secured at all times and will not be stolen. They can only be accessed by those who are interested in buying them. This can be a sign of how responsible a dealer may be.

What About the Selection?

You may also want to talk about the selection that you are going to look through. A good selection of vehicles from a car dealer can come with different options from a variety of brands. Sometimes the used car selection may also be helpful.

An SEO Florida project for such a car dealership might entail the dealer getting the best SEO company in Florida to work with different plans that relate to emphasizing more brands. This can be useful but sometimes a dealer might favor one brand over another. Be sure you compare all options with one another to get a better idea of what you might find in a space before you stick with it.

How About the Warranty?

AutomobileThe warranty from a car dealer is often highlighted on a dealer's website for SEO Florida purposes. In particular, the warranty is often seen as a sign of trust for whatever a business has to offer. If a business has a good warranty then it shows that it stands behind what it has to offer. You have to ask a provider for information on the warranty based on things like the engine, the frame and other points. Be sure to also ask about any free maintenance that may be provided on your car over time.

Check the Shop

Don't forget to see how the shop can work. That is, the place where maintenance can be done on cars should be checked. A car dealer that has a good shop service can really be important with regards to seeing how a car dealer can work for the requirements your vehicle might have.

A great car dealer in Florida should be someone that is easy to trust in. Be sure that you use the standards listed here to get an idea of whether you can tell if a car dealer is someone that is worth getting in touch with for any purpose you might have.

Can You Get a Faster YouTube Site If You Buy YouTube Views?

Car VideoWhile you could technically get more people to show up to your YouTube channel if you buy views, you need to do some other things to make it more viable. Much of this involves the posting videos with certain standards that will be rather easy for you to manage. If you are able to use the right standards to help with getting more YouTube views then you will find that it is not all that hard for you to get the most out of the videos you are trying to work with.

Watch For Resolution

Video ResolutionsYouTube videos can be displayed in many resolution levels including at 1080p. You need to watch for how the resolution on your videos can work though. Not all computers can handle high-definition videos and the ones that can many not always want to wait a little extra just to get their videos available in HD quality.

Recording videos in lower quality always helps as it makes sure that the videos will load fast when people do actually watch them online. If you record the video properly and upload it to where it won't take up too much disc space then it should not be all that hard to load up. If your resolution is sensible and easy to work with then you might have a much easier time with managing whatever it is you want to use on your website. Be careful when making it work so you'll know what you can expect when getting your videos loaded up the right way.

Check Your Bandwidth

You can also see if the bandwidth for your videos is working properly. That is, the video should not be forcing more data being more down a network than possibly. Check to see if the video's size is sensible and if you need to condense or compress the quality before uploading, for instance.

Although you can buy YouTube views from Qqtube, it helps to schedule the views that show to work at an off-peak time of the day. This is to see that the video will be accessible at a time when the bandwidth for it really is needed. If you clog up the bandwidth too much during peak hours then people may be turned off by your work and not be interested in seeing what you have.

Watch Your Tags

The tags that you place on a video can take a while to load up if you have too many of them or they are far too confusing. Limit your tags to ones that are sensible and easy to read without clogging up so much space on your computer. Keeping these tags in check is always important to do so you will understand what you have to work with.

Make sure you are aware of how you are using YouTube for your plans at large when you are trying to make people see your work. Buying views helps but if you can do that alongside plans to make your videos get around faster then you will certainly have an easier time with getting your videos to be seen by more people.